Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005. Wow. Where has the past year gone?

Time is beginning to pass by so so so much faster than it used to. I remember being stuck in high school feeling like I'd never get out of there, and now here I am three semesters into college feeling like my life is getting ahead of me.

2004 was decent. A lot has happened, and I feel like I'm a significantly different person than I was twelve months ago. Although I moved out to Pittsburgh in 2003, it wasn't until last year that I really got away from California and made Pittsburgh home.

I guess I could go into specifics about the past year and maybe fill out one of those silly end of the year survey things all the cool kids are doing, but I'm not really one for divulging personal details in such a public domain.

Happy new year, everyone. I hope you have a good year.


Justin said...

oooh oooh!! First comment first comment!!

Oh wait. What was I going to say?

Hey look, bright shiny!

Caroline said...

Justin, if that's a peice of glass, you better not try to eat it again... remember what we learned last time? Glass is not for chewing on.

Aileen said...

*falls off of bed laughing*

you guys just made my day.