Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FYI: US air will not check any bags unless you check in at least 45 minutes before your flight. If you check in 43 minutes before your flight, well, then you're just out of luck and bumped to a new flight.

If only the world wasn't so stupid. Then maybe that guy wouldn't have crashed his van into the building on Boulveard of the Allies, and there wouldn't have been that traffic jam. And maybe then the stupid check in women would let you check your bags 43 minutes before your flight. And then maybe there wouldn't BE a rule about checking bags 45 minutes before your flight.

Stuck in PIT until 8:30 (my flight was supposed to leave at 6:10), then layover in Las Vegas, and finally home at 1:30AM (instead of 8:30, when my non-stop would have landed).

I want to complain to someone about their hidden bag policy (5 other people in line at the ticket counter were in the same boat as me), and the fact that I paid for a non-stop flight but I'm being stuck with a layover. Unfortunately, I know they'll just blow me off so it's not really worth the effort.

I haven't been writing lately since things have been going well, overall. I start work next week, I'll be back in CA tonight, and my finals went well.

As a final note: it's wayyyy uglier than I thought it would be.

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