Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pittsburgh to Palo Alto Road Trip, in pictures:

The landscape was this exact scenery for two whole days of driving. The midwest is boring.

Matt forgot his sunglasses, so he borrowed a pair of mine.

I wish gas stations in CA had dinosaurs.

Something other than flat plains! Exciting!

Utah was empty. Seriously. I think we may have passed 2 gas stations while driving across the entire state. The plateaus and snow were pretty, though.

We made it to Las Vegas. Matt was excited, as shown by the above picture.

Back in California. Unfortunately, Central California looks a lot like the Midwest.

In conclusion, almost everything between the two coasts is excruciatingly boring. I'd suggest getting rid of all of it, except they probably grow a lot of food, and I like food.


Lydia said...

maybe instead of getting rid of it all, which seems like it might be tough, california should just break off from the rest of the united states.. to go hang with hawaii.

Caroline said...

Definitely. Alaska can come, too.