Saturday, October 29, 2005

A 2005 report by researchers at four British universities indicated that a high I.Q. hampers a woman's chance to marry, while it is a plus for men. The prospect for marriage increased by 35 percent for guys for each 16-point increase in I.Q.; for women, there is a 40 percent drop for each 16-point rise.


But it is equally naive and misguided for young women now to fritter away all their time shopping for boudoirish clothes and text-messaging about guys while they disdainfully ignore gender politics and the seismic shifts on the Supreme Court that will affect women's rights for a generation.

- Maureen Dowd, "What's a Modern Girl to Do?"

Good thing I like cats a lot.

What if you do care about gender politics? Then is it alright to fritter away time shopping for boudoirish clothing and text messaging about guys? Haha. Not that I ever do that.

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