Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sushi Boat!

This weekend was fun but unproductive and not very healthy. Friday was dinner at Chaya on Murray, where Matt, Alberto and I took on the culinary challenge pictured above. Afterward, we saw Shopgirl at Southside works. I enjoyed the movie; it was one of those films that didn't have a particularly strong plot, but was saved by the individual performances.

Saturday was Matt's birthday, so we embarked on a bar crawl in Shadyside. Unfortunately, he wasn't officially 21 until midnight so that gave us only 2 hours to celebrate. In the end, we hit 4 of the 15 bars on my carefully compiled map- Doc's, PDC, Mardi Gras, and Cappies. Surprisingly, we were only carded at 2 of the 4 bars. Thank god Shadyside is within stumbling distance of amberson, because I was relatively incoherent by the time last call rolled around.

Today was spent recovering from last night and doing all the work I put off all weekend. This week is looking typical; more stressful than I would like, but not as bad as some previous weeks. Highlights to look forward to include the dynamics exam, heat transfer lab, and a numerical methods quiz. Friday is the Mech E/Chem E keg race, which is definitely something to look forward to. Team Rigid Sliding Joint is going to make it a night to remember!

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