Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tomorrow I have a problem set due and an ASME event, Thursday I have two tests, Friday I have a semester-long group project due and a problem set due, and next Tuesday I have an exam which will make or break my grade. Obviously, this is the appropriate time to make a new blogger layout and browse facebook and party photos for hours on end.

This past weekend was uneventful, but stellar. I ran into Abbie (and the rest of CMU) at PHI on Friday, which was a pleasant surprise. Saturday started at Bloodshaw for cocktails, proceeded to Club Wilkins for sangria, then to South Side for peach hookah at Hkan, and ended at Tom's Diner at 2AM for greasy food along with all the drunks from the local bars.

California in two weeks. Where'd the semester go? It's scary how fast time is passing.

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