Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Twenty-one. The older I get, the younger I realize I am. I thought I was so grown up at 15 and 16, and now I realize how much farther there is to go.

Friday was dinner at Rock Bottom, and then my little ponies (gin and pink lemonade) and a movie at Bloodshaw. Saturday was a holiday party followed by a hot date with 4 guys while wandering from bar to bar in South Side. The midget bar was noisy, smokey, and served weak drinks = Thumbs Down. The martini bar made a delicious cosmo, as should be expected for $9 a drink = Thumbs Up (since I wasn't paying :P). All in all, a good way to celebrate my birthday.

Finals week is halfway over. California in less than a week. I've been overly setimental and introspective these past couple of weeks. Maybe I'll elaborate later.

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