Sunday, January 01, 2006

Tonight we (Kate, Ken K, and I) wandered around downtown PA before settling down at The Rose & Crown for some drinks. Free champagne at midnight, and the drunk guys attempting to shoot the streamers from party-poppers onto the statue of a woman's chest were amusing. It was great to catch up with Ken K and Kate, and the bar was a good atmosphere for ringing in the new year with old friends.

2005: A Recap

The Good:

  • School
  • The Bloodshaw crew
  • Moving in with Mo
  • Moving off campus
  • SpaceX
  • California summer
  • Not looking the same at 23 as you did at 15
  • "Uno tinto, por favor"

The Bad:
  • Deaths
  • Cross-country drive
  • LA rent rates
  • Lack of drunk-lock on my cell

The Ugly:
  • Alcohol-induced hookups
  • Hangovers at work

I think I came out ahead this year.

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