Friday, March 16, 2007

Berlin (3/5 to 3/9)

Next I headed east to Berlin. My Hostel was in Mitte, a hip area of town with lots of restaurants and shops. I did a lot of sightseeing, the highlights being the Reichstag and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. The Reichstag is a government building that has a classical stone exterior with a large modern glass dome added to the top. The dome has a spiril walkway along the interior that gives great views of the entire city. The blend of old and new architecture was interesting and really well implemented. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum had exhibits about the Cold War, in particular the different ways people tried to escape from East to West Berlin- through, over, or under the wall. The museum was pretty cramped and the English info posted wasn’t well translated or coherent all the time, but the stories about home made hot air balloons and people hiding in fuel tanks of cars (that were modified to run off of separate spare fuel tanks) was entertaining even though the whole subject is very depressing.

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