Friday, March 16, 2007

Düsseldorf (3/3 to 3/5)

The first Europe stop on my trip was to Düsseldorf to visit family from my dad’s side- Uncle Bill, Aunt Anya, and cousins Jack, 13, and Charlie, 6. Jack is now taller than me, and his English has improved a lot since I last saw him two years ago. He was very excited that >I knew a little bit about the new video game consoles, and spent most of my visit telling me about the PS3 he’ll get in two weeks which he pre-ordered 5 months ago. He has a countdown to the PS3 release next to his bed, and he has a list of all the games he wants and when he’ll have enough money saved up to buy each one. Charlie is full of energy and always singing or dancing around. His constant attempt to be the center of attention would be annoying, but he’s so charming no one seems to mind. Bill rented Snakes On A Plane, which was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It was nice to see the family, the boys change so much even over just a year or two.

I spoke too soon about managing to stay healthy in Thailand- right after I left I was hit with persistent stomach aches, cramps, and associated aliments that need not be mentioned in detail for about 6 days. It wasn’t bad enough to keep me bedridden, but annoying and uncomfortable nonetheless.

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