Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back to the bay

The weekend was over before I could blink. Flew in Friday evening, dropped some stuff off at my mom's place, and hopped on the train to SF.

D's birthday party was ridiculous. Good music, good drinks, and good company; what more could you want? My decision making definitely left something to be desired, but what's life without risk? Thumbs up to catching a ride on the back of a motorcycle to the afterparty (thanks, Kip!), but thumbs down to the sketchy guy who tried to lure me into a bathroom when the party was winding down. I was thoroughly impressed by D's biking skills- I was convinced there was a 100% chance we were going to bite it when he insisted on riding double on his mountain bike down hilly SF streets to get back to his apartment at the end of the night. He got us there safe and sound, though, dodging the sleeping homeless guys with astonishing ease. Impressive, especially considering the time of night (or morning, depending on how you count it) and our lack of sobriety.

Unsurprisingly, we didn't get to the bluegrass festival the next day until late afternoon. The musicians were incredible, and the weather was unbeatable. Things were going great until I attempted to head to Berkeley for dinner. Let me tell you, navigating public transit on a packed bus when semi-drunk and unsure of where you're going is not a good time. In the end it all worked out, even though I was an hour and a half late and inconvenienced the entire dinner group by having them pick me up at a farther away BART station so I wouldn't have to transfer trains. It was great to see Mo, Katie, and Justin, even if it was only for a little while.

I hauled myself out of bed early Sunday to get dim sum with my grandma in the Sunset District. It was good to see her, even if she was overly concerned about my lack of a boyfriend. "When I was your age, I already have *three* daughter..." Thanks, Grandma.

Hit up the bluegrass festival again on Sunday, and before I knew it it was time to catch the last train back to my mom's place. D insisted on driving me home, though, so we shared a leisurely dinner in SF before heading south. I felt pretty guilty about having him drive all the way to Palo Alto just to drive back to SF, but I enjoyed spending more time with him before I had to hop back down to LA.

Gotta keep the good times rolling and post a strong finish to the Best Year Ever: Next up is Decompression, followed by San Diego for a weekend and then it's my first LA Halloween. Down time? Who needs that...

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