Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friends and more

Last night I ventured out to a Beach Burn in El Segundo organized by a group of local burners. I heard about it on, a site I've been checking out since coming back from Burning Man. I didn't know anyone that was going, but I figured that since I didn't have any other plans for the night I had nothing to lose.

The people were welcoming, and it was nice to sit out on the beach and just chill for a while. There was an interesting array of characters that showed up, ranging from vegan raw food enthusiasts to drugged-out cougars in playa wear to middle aged techies.

I didn't have an instant connection with anyone, but it was good to get out and meet new people even though it put me a little out of my comfort zone.

I'm nervous and excited for the upcoming weekend adventure to SF. So many people to see, so little time. It'll be interesting to see how everything unfolds.

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