Saturday, November 10, 2007

And suddently it's November...

When did that happen? I forgot how nice California "winter" is, where anything below 50 is "SO cold". It's good to be back.

It's a little troubling when pictures crop up online which you have absolutely *no* recollection of having taken. Note to self: be more careful, especially when surrounded by strangers and without the luxury of having a close friend watching over you (man, I miss college sometimes...)

Things have been quiet since Halloween, but I'm gearing up for D's visit next weekend and the pre-thanksgiving kegger hosted by lovely Flo and Helen.

Heading up North for Thanksgiving, from Wednesday night through Monday morning. Drop me an email or give me a ring if you'll be around and want to meet up!


Maureen said...

How did you find it then? I like your hair long.

Caroline said...

Brad, my friend in the picture, sent me the link. At least remember the guy in the picture, right? :P