Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Three weeks, in 200 words or less

Busy busy busy these past few weeks. D came down to LA and it was go time from the moment he got here (3AM Friday night) to the moment he left (Midnight Sunday). In between, we had shiner bock and fried turkey at Flo and Helen's, partied in a castle in Hollywood Hills, wandered through a fog-flooded Getty, and saw Nickel Creek at HOB on Sunset.

Thanksgiving was strange. Very strange. Home feels even less like home now. Seeing friends after months of being apart makes me realize how easy it is to lose touch. Had an awkard parting with D at the end of the weekend.

Now holiday season is in full swing. I'm hoping to make it out to Mammoth this weekend, but there's plenty to do here in LA if that plan falls through. The following weekend will be spent holiday party hopping; two parties, two contrasting outfits, two very different scenes. Should be a fun one.

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