Saturday, January 12, 2008

From Mexico

From Mexico

From Mexico

More Mexico ridiculousness on picasaweb. Me? Unprofessional around coworkers? Never...

Speaking of unprofessional work behavior, the holiday party pics are up on picasa, too.

2007 flew by. It was a big year for me, a lot has changed and I've come a long way from where I was 12 months ago. It's strange to think of how different I was in January, since at the same time it doesn't feel like a full 12 months have passed. I think I've gained a lot more understanding of myself and what I need, and I'm fortunate to be in a place where I have awesome people around me and a lot of things to look forward to, career-wise and socially.

December was filled with ups and downs, and the start of '08 was pretty rough. Things are getting ironed out, though, and situations are looking up. This whole "open/honest" concept can make things really intense, but in the end I think it's better then the alternative of silently assuming you know what's going on.

Billy and I ventured out for some car-shopping yesterday, only to be met with condescension and prejudice. I'm guessing this is due to the assumption that since we're young, we're not serious about buying the car. Isn't LA filled with little rich girls who's daddies will buy them whatever their heart desires? Telling me I can't test drive a car until I sit down inside and discuss the price with you is pretty insulting, Mr. Obnoxious Asshole Car Salesman.

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