Monday, June 14, 2004

Seeing as I'm too lazy to write out a detailed log of my three weeks in Eastern Europe (and you'd probably be too lazy to read it all even if I did), I give you the Cliff Notes rendering of my adventures:

Frankfurt, Germany > Maastrich, Netherlands > Cesk� Krumlov, Czech Republic > Prague, Czech Republic > Budapest, Hungary > Ljubljana, Slovenia > Piran, Slovenia > Bled, Slovenia > Munich, Germany > Frankfurt, Germany

  • Czech Republic: Admired the stunning architecture of Prague along with all the other tourists. Enjoyed the street performers on the Charles Bridge and visited the castle in Cesk� Krumlov that had a "bear moat" which was quite literal- true to it's word, there were two brown bears living in the moat.

  • Hungary: Saw St. Stephen's Cathedral in Budapest, complete with St. Stephen's mummified right hand on display in a glass case. It more looked like a hunk of black... I don't know what... but I guess that's all you can expect considering he died about a millennium ago.

  • Slovenia: Parked the rental car (unknowingly) on a restricted street in Ljubljana, Slovenia- came back to find a boot on the it. Walked around the most impressive outdoor market I've seen in a while, and bought Honey Brandy that tasted like candy. Visited Lake Bled which was the prettiest scenery I've seen in years, and went to Piran on the Coast and had Pizza that rivaled the best from Italy (which makes sense, since Italy was only a few miles away).

  • Germany: Stayed a few nights in Munich and ate sausages at the Brauhause. Shopped the European department stores and enjoyed my last few cups of European coffee.

For pictures, go here.

Work is going well. It's nice to be a part of something big again. It's hard to explain, but it's one of the few things I missed about GRT. So far the work hasn't been all that stimulating, since I had to help Alex mail out a bunch of thank you packages and such to sponsors and supporters. Luckily, that's all done and out the door so now I'm working on more interesting stuff involving shock isolation of the on board computers and magneto-rheonetics.

I've got enough frequent flier miles on US Air to get a free ticket (within the continental U.S.). I could be responsible and use it for a trip home, but where's the fun in that? Other options I'm considering right now are New York City or Boston. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Washington D.C.?