Saturday, September 08, 2007

Burning like a virgin

Words can't describe... but I'll try, anyway.

It was beautiful and overwhelming and tacky and obscene. I ended up not spending too much time with the boys I drove out with; They're my friends and all, but we were there to do different things. Luckily, I hooked up with a camp just down the street who were awesome and welcoming.

It was amazing to see the capacity that people have when they really invest themselves in something. Yes, the whole event did seem a little bit like Disneyland, and yes, there did seem to be a lot of vapid people just looking to party. Despite all that, I still loved it. At times it was all a little too much, but there were moments last weekend that I wouldn't trade the world for. I don't want to sound too unhinged-hippie-new-age-crazy, but there were points when I was completely content and relaxed, and simply myself. No pretense, no faking, no trying to be what others want. Just me. It was amazing.

A purple moon and rainbow fire. Incredible.

Since coming back, I've been reflecting a lot and thinking about where I am right now with relation to where I want to be. LA has suddenly lost it's shine, hopefully that's just a temporary over-dramatization, though. One thing's for sure, certain people I've met down here are not the type of people I need right now. It's not a matter of who is good and who is bad or who is right and who is wrong, it's a matter of who fits with what I need. Suddenly, I find myself missing the Bay Area like never before.

Before I left, I had planned on this being my only Burning Man trip- I would put in a ton of time and money this year, go, and then I would have "done" it. Now that I've been there, I'm already thinking and planning for next year. Only 357 days to go...

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